List of Canadian Real Estate Franchises

real estateAre you planning on investing in a home or selling a property? This is a tough decision and the toughest of them all is to pick the correct real estate franchise to represent you. You want the best, so that you can save or make money depending on what shoes you are in. This is the though process of basically every buyer or seller. To make everything a little more easier for you I will be sharing a list of Canadian real estate franchises and what the have to offer. You all can read this list and possibly get an idea of what is out there in the market for you.

To begin, one of the most popular Canadian franchise opportunities in this business are Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Canada. These guys have great marketing skills and have been in the business for a while now. They are able to offer great services and are known by the public. If, you are looking to make some extra commission on your home these are the people that you should look into contacting. As they specialize in selling homes and can really help you get a very nice deal on your home.

Another very popular company is Re/Max. This is pretty much the face of real estate in Canada. The sign is very popular, like it is an everyday sign as they are everywhere around communities and cities. This company has been able to expand in no time and is known all over the country for all of the amazing work that they do.

They have hundreds of agents that work under them, so it gives you a wide variety to choose from when picking an agent to represent you. They have also been in the business for so long, that you will not have to worry about them cheating you. They will also be able to sell your house in no time at all as they are so known people are always checking their sites for listings.

Overall, there are many Canadian real estate franchises, but these two are the most popular and well recognized ones. Often, it is best to go with the ones that are well known as it really increases one’s chance to sell their house on a really good deal. People often say with these large companies they get multiple offers, which is why they higher than asking price.